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Areas of Practice of Physiotherapy

The human body is a complex system made up of hundreds of bones and joints as well as miles of muscles and ligaments all working in balance. When accident or illness affects your body, your physiotherapist, a university-trained medical professional, can restore mobility.

Working closely with physicians, physiotherapists help people in hospitals and clinics. You'll also find physiotherapists in neighbourhood schools, public health units, home and long-term care programs and sports medicine clinics.

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Physiotherapists treat the whole body and with ongoing clinical research, physiotherapists continue to develop techniques to prevent and treat physical injury and disorder.

May is National Physiotherapy Month!

This year, we are going to use National Physiotherapy Month to highlight the important role physiotherapy can play in aiding patients recovering from Long COVID.

Over the month of May, PABC will share useful resources from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and Long COVID experts as we seek to support the CPA's efforts to "emphasize the contribution of highly skilled Canadian physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants, physiotherapy technologists, and physiotherapy students and residents who are supporting and enabling Long COVID recovery in Canada."